The Norris - Seavey Odyssey


The  Travel Trailer and Motorcycle Travel Adventures of
Verna Norris and Jim Seavey
Around the World by
Airstream Travel Trailer and BMW Motorcycle and Sidecar

Our Airstream
Travel Trailer
Silver Twinkie

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Life is like a motorcycle ride,
you never know what you will find around the next curve in the road.

This year, 2009, is our tenth year of traveling full time.This site is our “scrapbook”. We are constantly updating it as we move down the road. We keep the Where We Are page updated with our current location and linked to a page with our most recent adventures which are logged in the Travelogues pages. The pages in Our Travels contain detailed information about the places we have visited.  If you’re interested in what we have planned, check the What’s Next page.

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We hope you enjoy reading about our travels as much as we have enjoyed living and documenting them. Please send e-mail and let us know how you found our site. If you got the web site name from the sidecar, please tell us where and when you saw us.

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NorSea Odyssey: The Adventure Travels of Verna Norris and Jim Seavey Around the World by Airstream Travel Trailer and BMW Motorcycles and Sidecar


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